Renderstorm is an Outsourcing Art studio located in Normandy, France, founded in 2012, specialized in Concept Art, 3D and Concept Design, Rendering and Models. We work in the fields of Art, Film, Games and Architecture. 

Feel free to contact Renderstorm about any questions you might have regarding our workflow, availability and process.

By email : studio [at] renderstorm [dot] com

By phone : + 33(0)2 77 19 54 94  

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Pierre-E. Fieschi

CEO and Founder, Senior Artist

 I have been an art-driven Sci-Fi enthusiast for as long as I can remember. After studying Architecture with a Master’s Degree in Project Theory, I set out to work as an Architect specialized in graphics and rendering. I founded Renderstorm in 2012, in order to keep doing just that while pursing the goal of working for the entertainment industry.

This architecture background along with a classical painting training and a genuine interest for anything high-tech help bring credibility to the futuristic and outwordly designs that have been fascinating me since childhood. I have also found the Lego brick to be a wonderful medium for physically exploring a design’s aesthetic along with its structural integrity ; both aspects complementing each other. 

Coline Sipma

3D & Concept Artist

 Passionate about History, Art and Fantasy, I have studied Archaeology and Art History at the Sorbonne and Japanese at the Langues Orientales institute wich lead me to a Master’s Degree in Japanese Archaeology. Practicing Art since childhood, it was a natural evolution for me to eventually learn 3D and rendering.

My experience at Renderstorm brought me to work in digital Archaeological reconstruction, Architecture Visuals, and the entertainment industry, using various mediums; 2D and 3D software as well as physical and digital Lego. I enjoy merging my love for Fantasy and the imaginary with my background in history and art, in order to create believable aesthetics and backstories in my concepts.